Niobe bed

Beautiful, majestic and stylish. The Niobe bed with its luxurious headboard, is particularly large and suitable for ample spaces. The headboard features a set of padded panels upholstered in leather, Tecnopelle or fabric. It describes different personalities by alternating their dimensions and stitchings. Available in various widths and heights, either symmetrical or asymmetrical, Niobe gives you total freedom to create the bedroom of your dreams.

I-modulART: the new design trends

I-modulART is a modular, versatile and customisable furniture system, the combination of various cultural fields in order to offer a new creative perspective and flatten out the borderlines between adjacent territories, materials, colours, nature and technicalities. Presotto believes that you should never choose your home according to your furnishings, but you should always do the opposite. In fact the furniture must be customisable to adapt to the style of your home making it exactly as you have imagined. In line with this principle our furniture is made of “modules”, so that you can reinvent and assemble it according to your taste, getting great results every time. I-modulArt opens a new design chapter linked to good taste blended with refined, haute-couture glamour.

Tower bookcase

The whole structure is in metal and designed to create a feeling of irregular lightness. Like thin sheets of paper, the shelves hang from lightweight supports that draw alternating vertical and horizontal lines enclosed by a well-defined frame. In the freestanding version it is anchored to the floor by a marble base.

Relevé Accessories

Unmistakable elegance distinguishes all the furniture in this range which is designed alluding to an iconic dance step. A normal desk, well-suited to being used in a personal, confidential and intimate way. It’s also available in the home-office version with one of its legs resting on a practical, three-drawer unit.

Evia Chair

Relax embodies a cozy design that invites you to make yourself comfortable. Round and soft lines give it a protective shell appearance, ready to accomodate. The one-piece seat can be customised with two types of bases and a contrasting backrest. Non removable cover.

Tilia Chair

With the elegance of a classic design, this chair impeccably pairs tradition with innovation. It’s perfectly contemporary, mixing a minimalist frame with a string seat. An example of top workmanship that can be appreciated for its craftsmanship and for the excellent dexterity required to make the woven seat. Available with or without armrests.

Kengo Sideboard

The design, inspired by Japanese architecture, combines beauty, rigour and a great personality based on handicraft skill. The outside - contrasting with the lacquered interior - is in wood available in a wide variety of palette colours. This sideboard shows off the refined cabinet-making expertise of a timeless culture.

Diadro Table

Its important size and square lines make it suitable for various rooms, from the dining room to the home office. It is available in various dimensions. The wooden top is made of two or more panels fitted side by side which result in a distinctive surface. The sturdy metal frame is made of solid, parallel legs connected to each other by a crossbar.


Designed to serve multiple purposes. It can be used to hang clothes, as a bench, a desk or as a base to place a dresser on. It can also be placed in the centre of the room. Its concept is defined by sartorial quality and customisation that can meet any requirement and define the spaces in a home.

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