Coplanar sideboards


Coplanar sideboards

design: Presotto

Coplanar sideboards

Presotto Rewind and Mood coplanar sliding door sideboards, are some exemple of where innovation and beauty are not casual aspects but are the result of an all-Italian production cycle made of excellent quality and style.

The sideboard Mood, is a highly customizable piece of furniture, since the inserts that can be matt, gloss, aged oak, ecomalta, stone, Timewood.

The sideboard Rewind, has a simple and straightforward line, result of the union between research and technology.

module finishes

Ecomalta grigio Londra
Ecomalta beige seta
Ecomalta beige argilla
Ecomalta grigio polvere
Ecomalta bianca
gloss lacquers
Nero frac lucido
Grigio antracite lucido
Grigio polvere lucido
Verde sporting lucido
Rosso rubino lucido
Rosso cina lucido
Arancio mango lucido
Marrone glacé lucido
Marrone caffè lucido
Marrone daino lucido
Beige cappuccino lucido
Beige seta lucido
Beige sahara lucido
Corda lucido
Avorio gesso lucido
Bianco candido lucido
matt lacquers
Nero frac
Grigio antracite
Grigio Londra
Grigio Tasmania
Grigio polvere
Blu notte
Blu avio
Viola ametista
Verde oceano
Verde giada
Verde ossido
Verde army
Verde sporting
Rosso rubino
Rosso cina
Arancio Mango
Rosa San Francisco
Giallo orzo
Giallo curry
Marrone cacao
Marrone glacé
Marrone caffè
Marrone daino
Beige argilla
Beige cappuccino
Beige seta
Beige sahara
Beige soia
Avorio gesso
Bianco candido

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