About us

Combine expertise and originality
The peculiarities and experience fielded by Presotto manage to gain the customers why choose Presotto means to have character and elegance. The attention to detail, accuracy and robustness allow to bring out a clearer idea of ​​beauty. All this stems from a process of production all Italian. The contribution of Italian and foreign designers, joined at the center of research and development, has successfully established itself in the Italian Style furniture market so admired by all.
Technology at the service of style
For its implementation, Presotto has provided tools for the design of the furniture with the aim of adapting the range of products to the needs of the consumer. In order to fully reflect the tastes of the customer, cupboards, wardrobes, beds, living and sleeping systems, integrate with the style of the environment, while maintaining excellent value for money even for young couples or families who have to furnish your first home.
The elegance of quality
The construction of the furniture made of innovative materials and inspired by nature always follows the latest trends, to always interpret the needs of our customers. Also in 2014, the company is registered in the National Register of Italian Manufacturers, getting the brand 100% Made in Italy. The marking indicates that these products are: manufactured entirely in Italy; made with Italian semifinishes; built with quality and first choice materials ; made drawings and own unique design; made according to the traditional Italian craftsmanship.

10 good reasons

Real Made in Italy
More than 60 years of completely Italian design and production. In 2014 is entered in the National Register of Italian Manufacturers, getting the brand 100% Made in Italy.
Integration with technological systems
Products designed so to be integrated with TV and stereo systems. High technology for maximum comfort.
Great Design
Perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic.
Production ethics
Production ethics based on respect for people, environment, workplace. ISO 14001:2004, 18001:2007 OHASAS.
Qualified assistance
After Sales Service and highly skilled assemblers.
Presotto Warranty
Presotto Exclusive Warranty and spare parts are always available.
Customized furnishings.
Wide, flexible and modular selection so to ensure the best customization.
Quality and Innovation
Quality and Innovation which concerns material, technology, design, functions, ergonomics.
Excellent raw materials
Excellent raw materials which have been chosen and processed so to be longlasting.
Large choice of finishes
106 lacquered colors, glass, wood color, stone, metal, essences.

Ecologically sustainable furnishings

Furnishings created with respect for the environment
Presotto boasts an ecologically sustainable stand in furnishings creation. We believe in the quality of life that we spend with the people we love and with our collegues. For this reason we are deeply respectful of the environment and of our job site.
Strong character and unique product
Every composition can be customized through a mix of finishings. The experience and the attention are always focused on customer need, distinctive signs of Presotto.
Our certifications
In line with our philosophy, our furniture has the following certifications: environmental certification (ISO 14001:2004)
Moreover, Presotto in 2014 is entered in the National Register of italian Manufacturers, getting the brand 100% Made in Italy.The certificate ensures that the products are made entirely in Italy, from Italian semifinished products, constructed from top-grade, quality materials, using drawings and projects developed exclusively by the company and constructed using traditional Italian handicraft workmanship.