“Every choice we make is
a sustainable footprint over time."

through every aspect of the company,
our green heart beats to create responsible and respectful action.

We design with sustainability in mind

We use sustainable raw materials and integrate renewable energy and waste reduction processes to ensure
a production cycle with low environmental impact. Every piece of our furniture tells a story of quality, but also of responsibility
and respect for the environment around us and the people who live in it. We take great care in designing the home of the future,
contributing in the present with small gestures that, joined together, day after day, can make a real difference.

“Sustainability is a driving force for change and a compelling challenge for those who, like us, seek to shape the living environment of the future. In our actions, innovation becomes a key component to implement production that combines environmental responsibility and aesthetic excellence.”

Renewable energy

We implement technologies to maximise
energy efficiency, including a 1 MW photovoltaic plant covering an area of approximately 5,000 square metres, which produces 1,400,000 kWh
of clean energy per year, meeting 50 per cent
of our electricity needs, and a 4.6 MW biomass
plant that thermally recovers 250 tonnes
of waste wood per year.

Waste reduction

We are committed to the prudent management
of resources, reducing waste through environmentally friendly production processes.
In addition, we rely on specialised entities or
directly implement virtuous practices aimed at granting new life to waste materials.

Sustainable raw materials

We use recycled, natural and innovative
materials from renewable sources. This decision fulfils our commitment to an increasingly sustainable and responsible production approach, which also extends to processing, as in the case of our
water-based lacquering and painting processes, which have low VOC emissions.

Nature, people and design

Sustainability as interpreted through the offer of environmentally friendly furniture solutions oriented towards improving everyday life. Discover the faces of Presotto design, where the connections of this trio are reflected in every detail.

Wood is life

We work with sustainable timber, providing a tangible guarantee of our commitment to the pursuit of quality as well as respect for the environment. The wood we use to make our furniture is FSC-certified, meaning that it comes from sustainably managed forests, where resources are used efficiently to ensure reforestation.

Eco-friendly fabrics

The green character of Presotto furniture is also expressed through the styling of recycled fabrics
derived from organic and renewable sources. In line with our ongoing commitment to increasingly sustainable quality,
we have expanded the upholstery range with a selection of three environmentally friendly fabrics:
Greenstory, Superga and Planet Enzymes. These are innovative materials that look to the future
and sustainability in the world of interior design.

Stone is nature

Furniture with 100 per cent stone surfaces, which take shape from a material formed over millions of years. Their aesthetic beauty is unique and inimitable and the perception of imperfection is to be considered a distinctive feature of the product, a signature of natural originality.

Recycled packaging

The packaging we use, consisting of cardboard, polystyrene and propylene,
which strictly conforms to legal regulations, is the final step in our sustainability-driven production cycle:
in addition to guaranteeing the safety of our products and their protection during transport,
it once again confirms our commitment to sustainability.

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