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Presotto_Passion for details

‘Passion for details’ is more than just a slogan; it represents the way in which every project and every
detail is experienced by our designers. In this section we suggest six thematic combinations of materials and finishes,
from which you can find the perfect inspiration for immersing yourself in the Presotto style.


Trend-setting charm

Sophisticated finishes and textures, weaves and fabrics inspired by haute couture. Here you will find many precious touches of style to decorate refined rooms, which enchant with the beauty of their details.


The power of nature

A material explosion, where wood and stones blend harmoniously with lacquered finishes that find vitality in the nuances of nature. Inspiration for furnishing your rooms in perfect balance.


An embrace of sensations

Lacquered surfaces pervaded by dusty, tone-on-tone nuances, or that become a pure expression of matter. An enveloping mood board to create light and relaxing atmospheres.


Nuances of style

The character of bold colours, fine materials and attention to detail resonate in the very essence of elegance. From white to black, everything creates harmony, everything creates a refined contrast of shades.


Coloured vibrations

A palette of colours and materials full of vitality and dynamism, designed to release a vibrant energy into the room, pulsating with character. A style poised to flow through every room in the home.


Delicate touches

An ode to tones as romantic as shades of pink, as warm as wood, as soft as fabrics and leather. A combination of materials and colours that speaks of delicate and pleasant emotions, ideal for furnishing intimate rooms with great aesthetic sensitivity.


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