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Andrea Lucatello

"Knowledge of materials and an understanding of the production process are fundamental to creating original and functional design pieces."

Andrea Lucatello is an Industrial Designer, who works taking care of the creation of furnishing and interior decoration.

His training starts from a very young age, aware of the fact that the knowledge of materials and the understanding of the production process are essential to conceive original and functional pieces of design.

The projects he elaborates are modern and distinguish themselves for the development of elegant shapes, enriched by a knowledgable care for details and enhanced by the ability of combining in harmony heterogeneous materials. His work is the result of constant experimentation, aimed at achieving advanced solutions through the refinement of the processing techniques and the utilization of the most recent technological innovations.

The predilection for the use of wood, included in the works since the first projects,
comes from a great passion for this noble material – which blends in itself
environmental sustainability, high technical performances and pleasing aesthetic qualities –
as well as from a solid familiar tradition of woodworking.

Andrea Lucatello for Presotto


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